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Why Human Design?

Human Design is a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal development.
It relates to 2 of The 9 Pillars of H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S.™ -Authenticity and Inner Peace.
What sets Human Design apart from all other personality quizzes is how practical and applicable it can be.

The challenge is that Human Design Can Feel Complicated If You Try To Learn It On Your Own

Unlike other self-discovery tools that include a finite number of, say, 9 or 16 types, there
are thousands of possible combinations for a person’s Human Design.
While the complexity of Human Design is one of its strengths (it allows for intricate
individuality), this is also what makes it difficult for many to put into practice.

Maybe you've:

  • Heard about Human Design and are curious what the excitement is all about

  • Entered your birth information on a website but couldn’t make sense of the
    descriptions and diagram

  • Dabbled in understanding your Human Design enough to know it is powerful but need guidance to put it to use in your life

Human Design Consults are a perfect fit for you.

You will find human design valuable if you want to:

  • Explore the most empowering personality profiling system you’ve ever encountered

  • Make more confident decisions with less second-guessing

  • Understand how to structure your day around your unique energy cycles

  • Recognize and shift any self-sabotage patterns

  • Show up in a powerful way that also honors who you are

  • Market your business in a way that feels authentic and not “icky”

  • Create business offers that magnetize your ideal clients

  • Grow and scale a business model that excites you every single day

While other personality profiling systems may put you in a box, lack practicality in
day-to-day life, Human Design highlights your uniqueness and gives you insight on how to integrate it into your every day.

Your Human Design reveals who you were before the world told you who or how to be.

We are meant to thrive in different environments and make decisions differently.
We are meant to seek and receive support in our own ways.
We are even meant to create and grow our businesses in distinctive ways.
Human Design gives you permission to let go of the "shoulds" and empowers your YOU, so you can find more peace, ease and success in all aspects of your life.

What Clients Had To Say

Can’t believe how accurate this was about me and my personality

I loved my sessions with Ellen because she was able to explain my results in a way that was easy to understand with practical, real-life examples. Her work was accurate and so insightful. I was really sad to see our sessions end! The care she has with her clients speaks volumes to the person Ellen is.

Doree O’Neal - Hypnotherapist & Success Coach
Biggest permission to be in my life,
relationships and business

Ellen has the ability to see through me and draw out my strengths like no one else has before (and I’ve paid a lot of money to different coaches!). She explained so much of the frustrations I had felt in my business and personal life. After working with Ellen, I feel like I got the biggest permission to be me and use that lens to build my business.

Janette Yee - Perinatal Athletic Therapist
Human Design has opened my eyes to seeing my business in a way I never have

I’m incredibly grateful for Ellen’s guidance and support! She helped me clarify my niche and revamp my offers and this has been an absolute game changer. Ellen is an incredibly awesome coach. Adding in HD is such a unique way to approach growing a business and I’m so glad she introduced me to it.

Faith Attob - Entrepreneur and Coach
Massively helpful, easy to digest, and really fun

What an amazing opportunity! My session with Ellen was such an awesome experience. It has empowered me to make decisions and take action in ways that feel truly aligned. Through this experience, I feel more in tune with my innate gifts and skills and have a better understanding of how to set boundaries to honour my unique needs. It was so validating! Ellen crafted an incredible experience that was not only massively helpful- but easy to digest, thorough and really fun.
She knows her stuff. Thanks Ellen 🙂

Heather Allen - Chief Operating Officer

Interested in exploring Human Design?

Here's how we can work together:

New(Ish) To Human Design?

Foudational Consult

Whether you’re new to Human Design or have dabbled before, the is a great place to start. You’ll learn to master the foundational elements of your chart and get practical takeaways you can implement right away. 

  • 60 minute consult
  • Consult Recording
  • Foundation Transcript + Summary
Session Will Cover: 
  • HD Type (how you and your energy can best interact with the world)
  • HD Strategy (how you interact with external environment and how you can best use your energy)
  • HD Authority (how you can tap into your inner “knowing” and best make decisions)
  • HD Profile (the role you are most fulfilled to play in your circles and the world)
Investment: $388
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Ready to Go Deeper?

HD For Business

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of your Human Design so you can leverage it in your business, this consultation is the perfect fit for you.

  • 2 hr Consult
  • Consult Recording
  • Consult Transcript + Summary
Session Will Cover: 
  • Your HD Type, Strategy, Authority and Profile as it relates to your business
  • Business models and offers that will feel the best for you
  • Your brand voice so you can comfortably share what you want to share
  • How to create content so you don’t feel the dread of “having to post” again
  • How to optimize your energy and prevent burnout as an entrepreneur 
  • The hidden areas of scarcity mindset that might be sabotaging your progress
  • Your energetic niche – not the problem you’re here to solve (you’re the expert in what you do after all), but the thing you are here to embody so you can show up as your radiant self
  • How to make decisions so you never have to second guess yourself again (hello, confidence!)
  • The right environments where you will thrive and shine
Investment: $997
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Want A Team-Building Experience?

Human Design For Teams

If you’re looking for an intimate team-building experience, we’ll dive into how Human Design affects team communication, support, and collaboration. Learn how each team member best makes decisions, responds to feedback, processes, information, and the environments in which they thrive.

  • 2hr Consult
  • Consult Recording
  • Consult Transcript + Summary
Session Will Cover:  
  • HD Type (how you and your energy can best interact with the world & your team)
  • HD Strategy (how you interact with external environment and how you can best use your energy to craft a productive and calm day)
  • HD Authority (how you can tap into your inner “knowing” and best make decisions)
  • HD Profile (the role you are most fulfilled to play in your circles and team)

This pricing reflects teams up to 4 members. Additional members may attend for $222 each. Please inquire for teams more than 10.

Investment: $1997
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Human Design empowered me in ways nothing else had and it will do the same for you.
Hi! I'm Ellen

I’m a 3/5 Manifesting Generator and serial entrepreneur. 

I’ve experimented with my fair share of personal development and self-discovery tools. The thing that was missing in all of them was the practical, accepting and empowering nature of Human Design.  

One of my mentors shared this with me (and I love it) – “Human design will never tell you what you can’t do. It will only share how you can do the things you want to do, with more ease and flow.”

Hey, I had my reservations too. How can my birth time, date and place possibly reveal so much about how I operate? 

As soon as I dove into it, I realized how special this system is. Leveraging my human design has given me permission to be me, boldly and unapologetically in both my personal and business life. 

Human Design is the key that unlocked the way for me to create a life and business that feels good to me, my family and my clients, while honoring who I truly am inside.

I can't wait to share this unique experience of Human Design with you.

Questions About Human Design?

Human Design Consults can be booked directly online through the links above. If you have questions or wonder where to start, please book a time to chat with Ellen.